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How It Works

Learn the overall strategy and structure behind E1B1
The E1B1 Method
Each One Bring One...

finds its basis in the commands of Jesus to be His witnesses and to make disciples and is a helpful way of putting vision into action. It involves a week of evangelistic meals, to invite non-Christian friends to hear a presentation of the gospel after the meal. The meals may include breakfasts, coffee mornings, lunches, barbeques or dinners. After the meal there is an opportunity to fill out a comment card offering a booklet explaining more, attend a Just Looking course that answers questions or indicating trust in Jesus as saviour.

Preparation is essential...

for action and reality to take place. Vision without action will remain a dream which can become a nightmare. The Prepare 2 Share training evenings are for that purpose.

The goals are specific, realistic and measurable...

The glory God is paramount; the presentation of the gospel to unbelievers is essential; the salvation of the lost is desirable. A well planned follow-up is a must, with the booklet explaining more; the Just Looking course answering questions and the nurture groups helping new believers to grow in their faith.


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