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About E1B1 and The Heralds Trust

About E1B1

There are less than 2% born again, Bible-believing Christians in Scotland and we need to take action now. Many Churches have lost the Gospel and need help getting back to simple proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel. E1B1 will equip Churches to put the Gospel centre stage in all their outreach endeavours.

E1B1 has been delivered and used by the church for over 40 years both in Europe and in the USA and Canada. It’s a proven method and effective way of presenting the Good News of the gospel which in the power of the Holy Spirit gets results. Our E1B1 Programme keeps the message of the gospel at the heart of your church outreach efforts. We have seen and witnessed hundreds of first time decisions and recommitment to Christ over the years and have found that E1B1 only doesn’t work where churches don’t run it.

The Heralds Trust

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Back in the late 1950s a group of young Christians began experimenting with the hymns and worship songs of the day, making them more upbeat and interesting to their peers. After a few years the band, by now named "The Heralds", were playing around Scotland and were invited to play on a BBC television show, ‘Epilogue’. From 1963 The Heralds began to be involved in large-scale outreach events, culminating in Ian and Morag Leitch spearheading The Heralds’ dynamic Christian endeavour and transforming The Heralds into a charitable trust – The Heralds Trust.

The ministry of The Heralds Trust has gone from strength to strength. As well as developing outreach opportunities with churches, the Trust aims to teach and train the next generation of young believers to carry God’s word to an increasingly needy world.

Learning to Share

The Heralds Trust offers a wide variety of ministries that have one goal. To keep the gospel centre stage. Our primary focus is proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. We offer training to both Pastors and Church volunteers who have a heart to develop their passion for the Gospel.

Each One, Bring One (E1B1) will equip your Church to put the Gospel center stage in all your outreach endeavours
Gospel Go Teams are one-week ministry placements for individuals who are interested in working with local believers and Churches
Our Leadership Conferences are aimed at lay leaders and Pastors in all areas of responsibility from Mission, Preaching and Evangelism in the Church.
Prepare 2 Share is an exciting course that will build faith in your Church and help believers to share their Testimony and Faith more effectively.
Q Place — seeker-friendly small group discussions about God and the Bible. Learn more at www.qplace.com
Gospel Ministries

The principal objectives of the Trust are the proclamation of the Christian Gospel, and the teaching, training, and encouraging of local Christian churches both in Britain and abroad.

  • Gospel Apprentices Short-term Internships to support and work with local Churches for up to 10 months.
  • Gospel Outreach Working with local Churches doing a focused week of evangelism sharing our E1B1 programme.
  • Gospel Preaching Pulpit supply and Evangelistic speakers for a wide variety of different Church occasions and events.
  • Gospel Church Planting Mentoring Church Planters that have a desire and passion to plant a Christ-centered Church in Scotland.
  • Gospel Vision Trip Designed for Leaders and Pastors to show the spiritual hunger and ministry opportunities in Scotland

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