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Run One

Organise and Run your own E1B1 course
Why choose E1B1?

The aim of our E1B1 Programme is rooted in scripture.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”
Luke 19:10

So many of our churches are doing a tremendous job at demonstrating their love for others through social action and social justice within our communities. Despite us being more connected now than ever before there are less spiritual conversations and very few gospel conversations. E1B1 will not only equip your congregation but will put the gospel centre stage in all your activities with a focused week of evangelism.

Learning to Share

E1B1 has been delivered and used by the church for over 40 years both in Europe and in the USA and Canada. It’s a proven method and effective way of presenting the Good News of the gospel which in the power of the Holy Spirit gets results.

Our E1B1 Programme keeps the message of the gospel at the heart of your church outreach efforts. We have seen and witnessed 1000’s of first time decisions and recommitment to Christ over the years and have found that E1B1 only doesn’t work where churches don’t run it.

Our Commitment to you
  • E1B1 program is offered free of charge
  • E1B1 resources can be downloaded and used at no extra cost
  • E1B1 administrators will offer support where possible to you for any questions you may have about running the program.
  • We will commit as a staff to pray for your E1B1 event.
Your Commitment to us
  • Pray as a church before and after your E1B1 mission week.
  • Please run E1B1 as outlined in the user guide
  • Please choose a suitable speaker for your E1B1 events who can communicate the Gospel in a winsome way in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • To implement a follow-up program shortly after you have run your E1B1 mission to start discipling new converts.
  • You agree not to change the content of the material, and pledge to undertake the online training course material.
  • You intend to prepare for, and run, the evangelism mission week as an integral part of the E1B1 program.
  • Please share your E1B1 results with us in the feedback section of our website.
Gospel Commitment

E1B1 is a ministry of The Heralds Trust in the U.K. and Friends of the Heralds in the USA. This is a faith based ministry not for profit and set up to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel and equip the church. Please would you consider making a donation to the work of the Heralds so we can reach the lost with the gospel.

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